At Improvised Threat Management we treasure the opportunity to come together with military and civilian operators, friends, and family, share traditions and express our gratitude.  From hosting a training event to celebrating men and women returning home, the community inspires us to take time away from our hectic schedules and simply enjoy what we do. 

In that spirit, we ask that the operators and members of our community tell us what they think of our products and services.  We strive to provide the correct tools so that all are prepared, to the fullest extent. Within our company, you’ll find many items that are extraordinary, those that will be treasured and utilized to prepare the future successes of our service men and women. 

We continue to give back to our community in partnership with the EOD Wounded Warrior and Folds of Honor Foundations and invite you to join us in giving back to the men and women who have sacrificed their way of life, for ours. 

With the warmest wishes to you and your family,

Michael Hockman
Mr. Michael Hockman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer




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Indianapolis, Indiana,

Improvised Threat Management specializes in replicating anti-personnel/anti-tank improvised explosive devices (Victim Operated, Command Operated, Time Operated, Custom, and WMD) and other explosive hazards encountered today. The operational quality and efficiency produces a product that supports the continuum of operations across the spectrum of conflict and operational themes against adversaries in our future operational environment. Our resolution removes the subjectivity of current training platforms and validates the execution of successful assessments, planning, and integration of operational information and relevant TTP into how current and future forces will operate against present-day threats. ITM provides enhanced products and services gaining operational depth and versatility through a mix of fully integrated seasoned experts operating within today’s community. Results will be expeditionary, campaign focused, and personalized to any Commander’s requirements for training and mission objectives.

Moving forward, ITM’s team of professionals will provide first-rate relevant and honest training, professional military education, and a world-class technology based learning environment for the most adaptive, advanced, and responsive military and civilian force that are fulfilling current and future maneuvers.